We thrive on solving digital marketing problems for businesses.

For almost a decade, we have helped businesses and individuals by introducing them to digital and traditional business consulting. We have partners and staff that can provide everything from digital media marketing to leadership development; diversity training to technology adaptation; business strategy development to board of directors educational sessions. We can help you because we've been where you are. We are board members, business owners, professionals, nonprofit team members, educators, and so much more.



Kiara Gabbard


Fun Fact: She had her first design client at 14 years old and she will introduce herself to a dog before a person.

Kelli Bralley


Fun Fact: She always roots for the Kentucky Wildcats and is a national champion gymnast and color guard instructor.

Gene Detherage


Fun Fact: His favorite song is the Pokemon Theme Song and he's run for a KY State Senate office as a write-in candidate.


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