Embedded Nonprofit Marketing Case Study - Frontier Housing, Inc.

Frontier Housing, Inc. (FHI) is a registered 501(c)(3) Affordable Housing nonprofit organization supported entirely by individual, federal, and local contributions. Frontier offers affordable housing opportunities to individuals ranging from very low to mid-level incomes. The provide services such as credit and debt counseling, foreclosure counseling, affordable mortgage, and energy efficient construction. They have programs such as Mutual Self Help, RECLAIM (Recovery Lending Assistance Improvement), and have access to funds for home repairs and rehabilitation for the disabled and elderly. Volunteers give their time to the organization in the form of assisting in constructing homes for low-income families through the Mutual Self Help Program.

FHI relies on its marketing efforts to increase reach to potential customers as well as the volunteerism and charitable contributions that fuel its mission. But the organization needed help doing this more effectively, in a way that both respected the needs of the various stakeholders and that remained in keeping with the organization’s overall marketing strategy and standards.

Our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Kiara, worked with Frontier Housing for two years through the AmeriCorps VISTA program as Communications Specialist. During that time she worked on several campaigns to increase Frontier's reach on social media, traditional outreach, and on the web. She developed several print materials, a new website, and redirected Frontier's social media branding and methodology to be more inline with the overall feel of the staff and team at FHI. She included more humor throughout social media, a conversion to a less harsh/more modern color palette in their marketing materials, and developed video materials that could easily be used continuously by the program.

Below is a link to a sampling of the marketing initiatives implemented:


A photo of Joe Exotic (Tiger King) in his truck with a tiger, caption reads "If Joe Exotic can own a tiger, you can own a home."
Incorporating more personable and humorous images on social media was important.

Creating video content that would capture the nature of the organization and the programs and services they offered helped share the mission in a more easily digested format than long format family stories.

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