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In a world where technology is part of nearly everything we do, a paper planner can be a breath of fresh air and a break for our eyes. As digital media professionals, we are constantly staring at a computer or phone screen. Our eyes take a beating daily and writing things down in our planners or on our free calendar printable can be a happy reprieve.

Today, we are sharing seven ways that using a paper day planner and free calendar printable will help you be a better marketing professional or entrepreneur, not to mention a better version of yourself.

1. Write everything down. Everything.

The act of writing is like zen for your busy mind, and research shows you're more likely to remember things you write out. Taking the time each day to write down all of your appointments, tasks and goals is worth every minute spent. It will save you time the next day when you have a real plan and aren't scrambling to figure out what needs to be done.

No task is too small to document if it's something you don't want to forget. Write it down, and then take action.

We always recommend taking a few minutes each evening before bed to plan your next day, and a step further, to take some time each Sunday evening to plan your upcoming week. You will find your mind is clearer and more free time will surface.

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2. Pick a planner that has room for your schedule and to-do list each day.

As digital media professionals, we find that when we aren't scheduling our upcoming postings, major website updates, or other projects, we can't keep up. That's just not an option when you have a lineup of companies, nonprofits, and professionals depending on you.

It is just as important to other professionals to be able to see all of their big deadlines or events during the day, but also have a space to write notes/plans. We all have a lot to accomplish each day, but with a proper calendar setup, we can stay on task and achieve our goals.

3. Use your calendar to create monthly goals.

If you're going to be using your personal planner to plan out each day, you should also be thinking about each month as an overview. That's where our free calendar printable comes in handy. We like to post it up on the walls of our offices so we can check in on it throughout the day.

One of the key factors for entrepreneurs is setting goals and then taking the steps to reach them. Take some time at the end of each month to decide what you want to accomplish in the following month, and write it all out on your calendar.

A recent study conducted by Dominican University of California proved writing down your goals makes them much more likely to happen. These goals can be business-related and personal. You are not a separate entity from your business. You are a part of it, so making goals that work for your business and for you is important.

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4. Make your planner a place for inspiration.

A planner is not just a place to check things off and see what time you need to be somewhere. It should be a place that houses inspiration as well. One of the things Kiara, our Design Coordinator, always write on her own calendar is a word to focus on each month. A lot of us pick a word of the year or set a New Year's resolution, but we know how hard it is to stay inspired all year.

Setting up monthly inspiration is far more practical than simply making annual resolutions and keeps things fresh. Write down what creates happiness in your life, things you want to say no to, routines and habits that help you stay healthy in plans, special dates throughout the month, turn it into a posting calendar, or keep a monthly bucket list in your notes. Make sure to refer back to your calendar every day so you keep the inspiration going.

5. Keep track of your finances.

Use your planner to the fullest extent possible. Your finances are a huge part of your life and business, so why not write things down to keep track of your money?

Mark when your bills as due on the date that they need to be paid, set financial goals and check them off when you accomplish them! You most likely have budgeting software set up for your business, but how many times have you been in a hurry during the week and realized your electric bill is due today or -- even more unfortunately -- yesterday? Write it down and delete that stress from your life completely.

You can use the calendar as a way to track savings goals throughout the month, like Kelli, our media coordinator!

6. Schedule time to work on your business and not just in your business.

Beyond scheduling and to-do lists, an important part of your life as an entrepreneur is prioritizing blocks of time to focus 100 percent on your business. This means sitting down with no distractions to look at the current state of your business and address anything that may not be working well, planning new things to try and delegating.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day processes and not put a solid plan in place for growth. That doesn't have to be you.

7. Incorporate self-care and family life into your planner.

Self-care has to be a priority for you as a business owner. You are the driving force behind your success and you need your health to maintain that success. Research has shown that a significant percentage of entrepreneurs may be suffering from depression. To combat that, carve out time in your planner for rest, hobbies and exercise.

Use your free calendar printable to block out days for family, friends, and personal self-care.

You are an entrepreneur, but you're also a person with loved ones and friends who would enjoy seeing you. Don't forget to plan out some time to meet up with your friends for dinner, or go all out and plan a get-together with your family around a special meal.

Don't hold back. Write it all out and create your best days!

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Have you started planning your yearly business goals yet? I'd love to know how these planners are helping you and your business!

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