Developing a Post-Covid Action Plan

While the coronavirus created immense challenges most of us never saw coming, the pandemic won't last forever. Once you've adjusted your current marketing strategy and revised your campaign messaging, it's time to be proactive and develop a strategic marketing plan for the post-coronavirus economy.

Once the smoke clears and Americans begin emerging from self-quarantine, it's essential that the tone and timing of your campaigns is tactful and respectful. The virus has not only caused substantial illness and loss of life, it will change the world we live in forever. Premature celebration and messages of victory should be avoided. Instead, empathetic and reflective messaging will be far more effective.

While it's impossible to predict all the ways our daily lives will change post-corona, experts agree that online shopping and online content consumption will remain at an all-time high. So, before you get a jump start on planning your future marketing, think about the changes you'll need to make to your online presence. If you currently don't allow online ordering or appointment setting, it's probably best to begin implementing those options, so you're prepared to meet your customers' needs and expectations.

Practicing social distancing has created an increased desire to connect with others and local businesses. Keep your customers in the loop about what measures you're taking, what specials you're running, and how your business and staff are coping as your industry continues to shift. Don't hesitate to have fun or show the inner workings of your business. People are actively looking for unique outlets.

Consumers will feel the economic impact of COVID-19 for quite some time, so sales and promotions can help entice people to spend their hard-earned money. Special offers and discounts will become increasingly important to reestablish consumer buying habits and create new buying behaviors post-corona. To ease customers into making purchases, consider offering tiered pricing, with larger discounts immediately after stay-at-home orders have been lifted. Then, gradually increase prices to what they were pre-coronavirus.

Offering financing options with low monthly payments could be one option to overcoming consumers' hesitance to make bigger purchases. If you're not set up to offer financing, this is a great time to research what retail consumer financing companies have to offer. Offering deferred payment options, liberal credit requirements and easy cancellation policies will go a long way to make customers more comfortable making purchases.

Leverage the power of customer reviews to build trust. Posting a steady stream of new, authentic reviews on your website and via social media will be increasingly important to shoppers. Create a sense of community by encouraging customers to send photos of how they're using your product(s) when they write reviews. Showcase the photos and reviews in a dedicated widget or gallery on your site.

As always, the digital marketing experts at appalunited are available to help you strategize and tailor your campaigns and messaging in the midst of the coronavirus and beyond.

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